Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Cheryl had an early consciousness there was more to life than what she saw, heard and experienced. She believed "everything happens for a reason" and made a lifetime quest of seeking answers—answers to life, her purpose and the various challenges she endured. Every major event would catapult her into research, so she could discover its purpose. Her research eventually provided the answers she sought—who we really are, why we are here and how we can fulfill the purpose we came here to master. All answers were validated through personal "miracles"--enough to satisfy her skeptical and analytical mind.

She learned of ancient sciences, secret societies, universal laws and evolution—applying them to her success in business as the sole support of her family for over 20 years. However, she saw great suffering, abuse, injustice and loss through our current systems—seeing what many people did just to survive, get ahead or improve their status. She later discovered the missing pieces of life's puzzle—the hidden secrets and cause of all the problems we have today.

This lifetime of research is now her first book—a "tell all" that holds nothing back, addressing all the issues and challenges of today and how we can improve life for all. Appropriate (I felt), since I now dedicate my life to the education, empowerment and healing of others—work more important now than ever, to save our very soul and heal our ailing planet.

Now retired, I am hoping to restart my career through this book. I never considered myself a writer (a slow two-finger typist); but I'm passionate about this information getting global distribution to assist our world in eliminating poverty, crime and human suffering once and for all.