Cheryl has always had a love of animals, nature and a calling to serve, heal and empower humanity—why this book (her first) was written—in an attempt to “Make a Difference” in her now 70th year. Never would she have guessed that the potential predictions she had wrote about 7 years ago would actually be taking place so soon—BEFORE she could get her book to print in 2020!

The one advantage? GOD was able to give her the truth about the pandemic (which she added as a post-script). However, the disadvantages came from all the restrictions and mandates that her country imposed (& are still imposing), and the wide-spread censorship of any information that conflicts with mainstream news and social media platforms—all at a level never before seen in our history! She has witnessed highly respected doctors, virologists, scientists, teachers and even church ministers being threatened for trying to speak up—many losing their license to practice and their ability to continue. Free speech, personal freedom and all the constitutional rights of a democracy have been discarded and ignored today. She’s witnessed thousands of “Needless” deaths, where simple cures exist that could have easily saved lives—all suppressed to afford an experimental drug the status that would make it “Free of Liability”!

She made a grave mistake sending the first copy of her book to Justin, thinking he could use this information to benefit Canadian citizens (like he had done in his first term). Unfortunately, he has changed and only read the section on Covid (what he didn’t want others to see)—why her book sales and promotions are being restricted and censored.

The first part of the book (5 chapters) was purposely written devoid of names, specific locations and detailed descriptions, all to keep people intrigued, thinking they were reading a science-fiction mystery. Soon, however, readers will come to realize the truth and the actual “Cause” of today’s global conflicts, illnesses and wide-spread devastation. More importantly, as they continue reading, they will discover their unique potential to end the global suffering, heal their bodies and enhance their life forever! Many readers have said: "All you may need to enhance your life could be found in just 1 or 2 Chapters"! (Content page in book excerpt).

Cheryl’s dream, with the successful circulation of this book, could help re-start a wilderness and wildlife retreat to continue her service to humanity—to heal, educate and empower those who wish to “Make a Difference”. She is eternally grateful for God’s guidance in her writings and for all those who are now awakening to follow “Light”.