A Gemini through and through, Angelica has two different writing styles that work together to enlighten and motivate her readers when they read her works of art.

The first style writing in the poetry, fantasy, self-help and parenting genre to include helpful messages that are either subtle, in between the texts, or given gently yet firmly, is Angelica Stevenson.

Angelica Stevenson is a homemaker and homeschooling mother inspired by her Christian background, youthful readings, attraction to vampires, magic, the supernatural, and family life.
As well as her life experiences including years of knowledge and expertise to connect, communicate and break down words to help people be and get all they deserve, desire, and dream for their lives.

However, all that wouldn't have been possible without Angelica Quantinet Grayer's "love at first write" experience when her English teacher introduced her to poetry through an assignment in middle school. This life-changing introduction activated her destiny to use her gift of writing to help others.

Now, with the extra influences from the genres of mystery, crime, drama, action, and erotica, Angelica Quantinet Grayer fulfills her teenage dream and purpose by giving her readers the blunt, no-nonsense side of herself and life through the infamous Karma, who is that therapist or friend you "love to hate" in The Karmatic Way Series.