Audrey Mac Cready

From Dublin, I've switched jobs a few times: archaeologist, librarian, EU official.

I had a love of story-telling since childhood, inventing bedtime tales for my sister and school essays that the teacher would read to the class. I was an avid reader, of course.

In recent years, I'v devoted myself to becoming a writer. I joined The Irish Writers' Centre and have benefitted from several courses there. With Conor Kostick, I workshopped my two novels.

Another lifelong passion has been family history research. This led me to the discovery that my ancestors had been involved in the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland and this inspired my first book. I'm particularly pleased to learn that some of my female antecedents were very politically active. So many women have been written out of history - it is one of my objectives to write them back in again!

My current novel is partly-based on real events in my family.