Brian Marcel started his career in the London Stock Exchange, but working in an Institution didn’t suit him, and he got fired from his grandfather’s firm. From there, he moved on to sell all types of papers made by Wiggins Teape, a leading British paper manufacturer that sent him to South Africa to enhance his career and learn the art of sales and marketing. It was in Cape Town that he met his wife, Liz, who sadly died of breast cancer after twenty-eight years marriage.

After returning to the United Kingdom, he got involved in the early days of barcoding and soon started his own business selling artwork used for printing barcodes on products. The business expanded, and after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, he set up Joint Ventures in five former Eastern Bloc countries. They are still great success stories in their own right.

Brian was recently married to his new wife, Lisa. He has a daughter, Jessica, that he adopted from Romania. They all live in London.

Raise the Bar, Change the Game is his first book.