From the boardrooms of Adland to the razzle-dazzle of the Silver Screen, Cate Hogan’s life has
been defined by the pursuit of storytelling.

Her parents were ad people. As a kid, she’d sit on their sets amidst the camera crew, lights, and
actors, in awe of the fact that all those moving parts would eventually coalesce into a message
capable of influencing a million minds. Cate learned the family craft until her mid-twenties,
then decided to flip the usual writer’s script of ‘selling out’ to instead leave a cushy job and
become a starving artist. Ad campaigns made way for screenplays, and thirty-second messages
transformed into hours of action, description, plot, and character development.

Passion and dogged persistence landed Cate a fancy office in the middle of Sydney Harbor and a
career most young filmmakers would die for. And it did, in fact, almost kill her. At the tender
age of twenty-seven she quit her job and found herself sitting on a beach in Bali, Indonesia.
Spiritually, creatively, and physically wrecked, it was the breakdown that would prove to be
Cate’s break-through moment, giving her the courage to pursue her love of storytelling, but on
her terms.

In the years since, Cate has worked as a freelance developmental editor and helped craft
hundreds of fiction and memoir books, including Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA
Today, and Amazon #1 bestsellers that have been translated into dozens of languages around
the world.