Chris Calder

“You have an aggressive cancer.” That’s what the specialist said. Not what I needed in my seventies, happily retired in France. Recovering after surgery and unable to communicate easily in French, I wrote my first novel. It was based on stuff I experienced during years running my small engineering business. Years of avoiding people in brown envelopes and trying to stay sane whilst having to scale the greasy pole.

Five books to date; four light thrillers, the fifth not. But that one’s in a narrow niche and has potential for sequels. When asked which is my favorite book I say, “The next one.” When asked when I intend to quit, I reply, “Ask me again in twenty years’ time.”

I try never to forget that readers expect to be diverted and entertained. I take seriously, and welcome, input from readers and always respond to communications from them. You can find me at So do get in touch; it would be a pleasure to hear from you.