Christina Mitchell has a deep love and respect for the women in her Italian family. Their ability to triumph in a sexist culture motivated her to write the mafia series, The Italian Rose. Christina wants her novels to be more than pages filled with thrilling storylines. Through her books, she strives to inspire people to see adversity as an opportunity to choose victory through a dynamic shift in personal power. Christina insists on making vivid scenes and volatile characters feel real. If they make her laugh, cry, and shout words of disgust during her last review, she is delighted. Christina is a novelist at heart. She also enjoys writing entertaining and philosophical essays for her P.E.O. Sisters, wellness articles, and web content for clients. She lives with her husband in a small suburb near her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Christina cherishes spending time with her husband, grown children, family, and friends. To soothe her soul, she snuggles her Papillon puppy, plays the piano, and face-plants in chocolate.