Dacia Weist

Livin' the dream.
D.W. Plato has degrees in Business Management and Psychology. This education gives her the multiple skills she needs to be a full-time landlord. “One of these days I’ll be a full-time AUTHOR and a part-time landlord,” she jokes. #lifegoals
With four books already published, she's inspired daily to keep writing. "It's the thing I've wanted to do my whole life. As a child, any time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, 'famous author' was the hands-down answer," she says with a grin and a little wink. She created her pseudonym when she was in fourth grade and wrote short stories for years. After a life-altering tragedy in her family in '16, she started writing her first novel and hasn't stopped.
Traveling is her other expensive hobby. After the current COVID crisis, she’s grateful she’s seen as much as the world as she has. “Everywhere I go, there’s another story idea,” she says. #inspiration
On a personal note, if she’s not writing or traveling, she’s spending time with her husband, reading, or gardening. They've been living in Central New Mexico for the past 20 years. “I live in America's best kept secret, ssshhh,” she says, “the sunsets are three-hundred and sixty degrees and the weather and food can't be beat.” Her and her husband love to cook together and have two-empty-nest-support-mutt-dogs (their grown daughter lives in Hamburg, Germany with her husband).
D.W.'s favorite hashtags sum up her life; #dowhatyoulove and #buymybookssoIcanquitmydayjob