Dan McCrory

I have been writing in many different fields: fiction, nonfiction, advertising, public relations, etc. I have never turned down a writing challenge! This book is part memoir/part history/part cautionary tale. When not chained to my desk, I'm traveling with my wife and friends or serving on one of several boards: AT&T Pioneers, a philanthropic organization working with children and the military, the PBS SoCal Community Advisory Board and as Recording Secretary for the National Writers Union, representing book authors, freelance journalists and academic writers. I maintain a Facebook page called Capitalism Killed the Middle Class that updates the concepts and issues I raise in my book of the same name and host a Wednesday discussion group chapter-by-chapter call with three retired captains of industry: a former head of the Toronto Stock Exchange still living in Canada, and two expats living in Thailand: a former VP of Disney and a rights attorney representing the country of Myanmar. I have also created a study guide that I will be sharing with activists.