I am a #1 Best Selling Author. I have been writing intriguing and exciting stories for several years. Growing up with an active, vivid imagination, and having lived and traveled around the world, experiencing many cultures, I have honed my experiences to create exciting fiction for children and adults, as well as documentaries, videos and a wide range of other media experiences.

I began writing when I was 8 years old. Mostly poems or short stories I gave to my mother. I always excelled in school in English or Creative Writing courses I took. I continued to expand on story arcs, ideas, themes, and more. Finally decided to pursue publication of my works.

Traveling since I was born, I have lived in many places including Germany, Alaska (when it was a territory) and several states in the US, but traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, France, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Canary Islands, Jamaica, Cancun, Hawaii (most of the islands), Grand Caymans, Beliz, and more.

I picked up some German, French and Spanish along the way.

I grew up in Southern California as a teenager. I learned to scuba dive when I was 14 years old, an still have the NAUI license to do so today. I have flown T6 trainers, small cub aircraft and learned to sail 35ft sailboats. I served in the US Army for a short time.

I fell in love with acting at a very young age (4 yrs, first stage appearance). I ventured into Hollywood lately and was able to get some experience in television, film and stage plays.
However, I found my passion was in writing. I enjoy the aspect of creating a world from my imagination and taking the reader to places they have never been before.

Plays I was in:

Life With Father
Marqui De Sade
Metro Med

Films I had a role in:

The Butcher -Detective
Oak Tree and Onigri Girl
Meals On Wheels
Our Own
Ocean 11 (skit for film school)
RV Guy


Fried Investment
2nd Time Around

Extra Roles on

Grey's Anatomy, Fox Making History,
Brand Time-commercial


National Geographic

Theater In The Round

Toastmasters International
Public Speaking

Documentaries I produced, directed, filmed

I Want to Be There
RV GUY Web series
Lava Tubes Of Snow Canyon
Dwelling of the Ancients
Bryce Canyon

My Published Books:

The Pen, Sultan's Wisdom, The Pen ,Knights Templar Treasure
Rebel Justice
The Green King, Adventures of Scotti the Traveling Frog

My Podcasts:
Think Success Get Success
Author Dennis Galloway