Elizabeth Challinor

Elizabeth Challinor has been telling stories ever since she was a child. She then studied them in Spanish and French literature at Oxford University (1984-88) and years later, after living in Angola where she worked for a non-governmental organisation (1988-92) trained as an anthropologist (Sussex University 2001) and began to follow people’s stories in Cape Verde and in Portugal. She is a researcher at the Nova University of Lisbon and has published over thirty academic articles and recently co-edited a book on refugee reception in the Global North.
Building on her anthropological experience of understanding difference, she has become an engaged writer, venturing beyond the confines of academic writing to convey her emotional involvement and is fascinated with how language works. She speaks French, Portuguese and Spanish and believes words have an intrinsic beauty that the writer sets out to discover. Language is asking to be sculptured and played with to capture moods, evoke emotions and express ideas. She has published on a popular Anthropology website she co-founded. Her articles include: Breakfast at 9pm https://popanth.com/article/breakfast-at-9pm Sex Changes and Changing Rooms, https://popanth.com/article/sex-changes-and-changing-rooms The Hidden Beauty of a Toilet Brush, https://popanth.com/article/the-hidden-beauty-of-a-toilet-brush Sensory Ways of Knowing: when Research Tunes into Emotions, https://popanth.com/article/sensory-ways-of-knowing-when-research-tunes… and We Know Popcorn goes Pop but can Culture ever go Snap? https://popanth.com/article/we-know-popcorn-goes-pop-but-can-culture-ev…. She has also published two short stories in the Indiana Voice Journal entitled "Seasons" and a "Tale from Inside" http://www.indianavoicejournal.com/2015/05/elizabeth-challinor-seasons-… and is currently writing a play in Portuguese on Resistance and Memory in Spain entitled "Tapas" within the ambit of a European funded project (https://ecosexilios-cria.org/en/).