My name is Emmie MacNevin and I currently live in Birmingham with my husband Andy and 19 month old daughter Elodie who inspired the book series I started writing called Lucy & 3 Bears.

I'm a freelance music journalist, currently writing for Prog, Metal Hammer, Spin (US) and Record Collector. I mainly write live gig reviews and features for the magazines but also do the odd album review from time to time. I have been freelancing for 10 years. I also write a lot of poetry and use a lot of rhyming verse - I'm a big fan of Julia Donaldson and Lorna Crozier!

I grew up reading a lot and was a massive fan of Dr Seuss who's another inspiration for my style of writing (poetry and books). I love reading a new book but I equally love writing stories and allowing the imagery of the adventure to flow around in my mind. I'm a big fan of space and fantasy so most of the stories and ideas I have for stories involve the moon, stars, planets, fairies, mermaids and dragons etc. I love writing fiction and pushing my imagination to unusually weird places, a lot of the story plots I have written and have ideas for explore an over the top uniqueness for instance, A Whale Swam Out Of My Sink, which was one of the first short picture books I wrote from the Lucy & 3 Bears series.

When I'm not reading books, or writing them, I can be found on my yoga mat or at the table with a dowel rod in one hand and some macrame cord in the other. I love being creative and also enjoy playing cello, which I've been trying to learn.