Erin L. Swann is an avid home cook and works as an art teacher in Central Maryland. Her work appears in numerous anthologies and publications including Factor Four Magazine, Aurealis Magazine, and Andromeda Spaceways Magazine. She has won three honorable mentions from L. R. Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Award in 2023 and was a finalist in the Parsec Short Story Award Contest. She is currently querying her debut Science Fantasy novel, AWAKENER.
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AWAKENER is the first MS in her Science Fantasy series.

The series itself is a blend of space opera and epic fantasy. Deep secrets, dark themes, and difficult truths are hidden within snarky tones and a bit of low-brow humor. The series has several underlying messages, the largest one stressing the importance of unity despite differences. Vilified species and even the villains themselves are more than they appear, situations often more gray than black and white.

STARSTRUCK AND WELL-TRAVELED is her current work-in-progress
While set in the same world as AWAKENER, it is a standalone novel set in the far future. It follows a human wizard, Sam, who is a thrill-seeker in denial. When his rival/crush vanishes and a god-like being steals his cargo, Sam is determined to get them both back. Even if he has to enlist a cursed merc who tries to repeatedly kill his crew, his cousin who can soothe tempers but suffers from PTSD from dying multiple times, and his part-time partner who has the emotional range of a shoebox.
Sam must keep his ragtag crew together (and stable), retrieve his stolen cargo, rescue his scoundrel of a crush, and find a cure for a curse, all while keeping his job. Hopefully, before the fabric of reality is torn apart.