Before I was the age teachers wanted me to be, I was already craving to learn to read and write. I needed to know what was inside all those books. And I needed to put those stories on paper that were threatening to burst out of me. After they finally taught me, I never looked back. I spent my childhood penning stories, emulating writers I loved, and gifting stories to my family for birthdays and Christmases.

During my college years, I furiously completed novel after novel, but only my third ended up not locked away in a drawer and surviving my edits and rewrites. I am now querying REMEMBER and writing/planning my next books.

In my other life, I’m currently finishing up my master’s degree in cognitive science at Aarhus University and have a background in psychology and neuroscience. Apart from always writing, I also unicycled professionally for ten years. I grew up in Germany, but have lived in Denmark for the past two years, both of which prominently feature as settings in my stories. I recently turned 25.