George Edwin Mawman

Visual Artist ~ Author.

Fellow of The Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Trust For Young Australians, 1981.

Academic Interests: Arts, Sciences, Humanities, Conservation, History and investigation, English Literature.

Bliss: Music of Beethoven, Sibelius, Vaughan Williams and others.

I consider writing to be the sculpture of language and music of words. Time devoted daily to writing. Several literary works in progress.

Debut novel, ' Rockskin ~ Ghosts of Christmas,' is historically accurate to the times and personae it portrays, before and beyond 1935.

Sketched between 1979 and 1991, the work has in recent years been completely revised several times and is published on Google Play Books.

**** JUNE 2024. Signed Contract with Australian Publisher Shawline to print First Edition late next year. ****

Best described as an 'Artist's Book.' A philosophical, avant-garde, graphic novel.

Reality of creation's imagination and consciousness in time, illustrated by surreal images alive in wet slate.

An allegorical concept exploring existence in time's domain, with time-of-fllght and time reversal continuity.

This unusual work investigates the mystical Mystery of Life, revealed by a traveller in time.