Georges Le Macon

Some of my biggest inspirations creatively are Stephen King, Thomas Harris, William Peter Blatty, William Goldman and Kenneth Lonergan. I aspire to one day make these novelists and screenwriters my competition and hope that people will compare me to them favourably.

I’m confident I’ll achieve this because I’m ambitious, dedicated, and passionate about everything I do. You only have one life and this is what I want to spend mine doing.

I’m very proud of my competition placings, but have also had plenty of knockbacks like all writers do! It would be easy to be disheartened by these rejections, but instead, it makes me even more determined and I work even harder.

My passion for creative writing is ever-expanding. I will never get bored or content with developing as a writer. Writing is an outlet like nothing else. I get excited about writing. It gives me a buzz unlike any other. I am my own harshest critic because I want to be the best and I will be the best.

I am confident in saying that nobody else could match me for imagination, creativity and storytelling ability.

Check out my entry SILVERMANE.

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