Georgina Barrowclough

I was born in the small, sleepy town known as Shepton Mallet—a hidden treasure at the heart of South England's Somerset. I moved to Bristol at the age of eight, paving the way for my studies as a Creative & Professional Writing graduate at The University of the West of England. When I’m not busy hunch-backed over my laptop spinning fantastical tales, I spend the majority of my free time with my head buried deep in a book. I’ve been writing actively since the young age of 13, having self-published stories on Wattpad that reached a reading count of over 780k—which has, I'm sheepish to admit—since been deleted by virtue of being fanfiction. This fleeting whim of embarrassment for something that is not my best work is highly undermined by the fact that self-publishing at such a young age (and garnering a huge audience) left me with something I am, in hindsight, proud of.

Now, at 23 years of age, I hope to pursue a career in novel writing and build a name for myself as an esteemed author. Entering competitions such as this one is something I believe can excel work like my own, as well as instil confidence in young writers like myself who would otherwise believe they don't 'fit the mould'. There was a point in time in which I lacked the confidence to put my work out there, and so I was honoured to find myself a Young Writer 2022 finalist alongside such talented individuals. Writing is in no way an easy feat, but I think myself privileged nevertheless to be able to study this art form and meet like-minded writers along the way.