grace olson

At the beginning of 'Lockdown', I wrote a short story about one of my horses and posted it on a horsey facebook group. It was so well received I set up a facebook page and posted a weekly episode. That grew so much I then had to create a website where there are now 20 episodes of The Yard. It has been favourably compared to James Herriot and the 'Jill Books' by Ruby Fergusson, which has been a huge honour.

The Yard reached the finals of last year's Page Turner awards which encouraged me to get help to make it better. So now, thanks to the help of Corner Stones editorial services, it's now a very well polished manuscript. (For some reason unknown to me, the formatting altered when I entered my submission on here and as I am somewhat technically challenged it will have to remain this way!)

In day to day life I am a therapist working with terminally ill people, helping them to face death with peace and calmness. My lovely horses are also part of the team and the next book I write will be the journey of how I discovered the healing power of horses.