Hannah J Shaw

Hannah J Shaw is a British fourth year student studying a BA Hons degree in Creative and Professional Writing with International Experience. She is currently completing her international scholarship year at The University of Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Originally a waitress, Hannah was encouraged to pursue her writing by her driving instructor who saw more potential. Going to university brought many opportunities including first prize in the 2019 Environmental Poetry Prize from Bangor University. She has also been an overseas guest lecturer for Bangor University whilst on placement in Australia. This year, her poem 'Perfume Factory' has been chosen for the University of Canberra's Anthology due to be published in Autumn 2023.

In 2021, whilst in her last year of university, she applied for a highly competitive placement to Australia which she won with a scholarship included. This added a year to her degree along with the title of 'with International Experience' joined to her degree. She is due to fly home to the UK and graduate from Bangor University in July 2023.

Since arriving in Australia almost a year ago, Hannah has been reunited with her love for screenwriting. She studied it briefly at her previous university, but unfortunately due to a lack of funding, the screenwriting module was removed in her final year. However, she is very grateful to The University of Canberra for having such a strong focus on the visual aspects of writing, and has thoroughly enjoyed her screenwriting module that has enabled her to deepen her knowledge on writing for TV.

Hannah is currently the editor for Curieux Magazine, a magazine created for the University of Canberra. She enjoys spending her time highlighting the creative talent within the student community and is leaving her position when her placement finishes in June 2023.

She now feels it is time to focus on her own work as a screenwriter and pursue a career in the creative industry.