Jackie Kowalczyk

Jacqueline Kowalczyk is a member of Jericho Writers and is currently working through their Ultimate Novel Writing Course. In April 2021, her first children's book was published by Carl Ed Schunemann KG in Germany, but her heart belongs to thrillers. She's writing a thriller/psychological thriller series with returning characters, although each book works as a standalone. More Harm Than Good is the second book in the series.

Ms Kowalczyk spent her formative years in Hong Kong and is currently living in the Rhein Valley, Germany, with her husband, two sons, and occasionally a cat.

Interesting/non-writing things:

I'm Anosmic (I have no sense of smell). It appears to be genetic as my kids are the same but, as far as is known, I'm the first in the family. Joy. Officially, we're considered disabled but there are a lot of other people worse off than us. 1% of the world's population is anosmic. 1% of that 1% are congenitally anosmic. Those statistics are boosted to 75% of the population within our house.

My parent's extremely messy divorce was novelised by a colleague of my dad's. My mum and I only found out about this 4 years ago. I don't know if my dad ever knew. I have a copy, but the book is happily no longer in print.

I visited Papua New Guinea when I was 7. The villagers had never seen blonde hair before and took exception to me. They were cannibals. Luckily, they had bigger fish to fry: a local tribe had recently offended them, and we caught their war dance shortly before they went off in search of retribution.

I write because I love it. I write because it's fun. And I write because I would get arrested if I did to real people what I do to my characters.