John Righten

John has delivered medical aid to orphanages and hospitals across the globe, including Romania during the revolution, South America and Bosnia during the war. His autobiography, The Benevolence of Rogues, tells of the characters he encountered during his many dangerous missions, when he enlisted unlikely support from those he calls 'benevolent rogues'. These men and women used their wit and guile to deliver medical aid and help save lives.

He has written The Rogues Trilogy, a rousing adventure set in the two years leading up to WWII, which starts with Churchill's Rogue, followed by The Gathering Storm and The Darkest Hour. He has recently completed The Alpha Wolves, the final novel in The Lochran Trilogy, a 1960s thriller based on an assassination attempt on Sir Winston Churchill - a man who the world knows is already dying. He is currently writing The Lenka Trilogy, thrillers based in the 1990s centered on a young school teacher who volunteers to deliver aid to children’s orphanages in Romania and later to Bosnia during the war, and finds herself in the company of rogues and the target of mercenaries. The first in the series, Heartbreak, was published in November 2019, with the second, Resilience, and the third, Reflection, were released in 2020 and 2021 respectively. He has just released his stand-alone Rogues novel The Englander.

He has also written a short, humorous play, The Pane of Rejection, based on a fictitious interview between a wry author and an acerbic critic.

In 2016, Churchill's Rogue was shortlisted for the Inaugural Wilbur Smith Adventure Best Newcomer Award.

John has worked in over forty occupations, ranging from grave digger, cocktail barman and tree-lopper, to professional poker player and is currently employed as a government ‘Transactor’ covering major infrastructure programmes across the country. His adventures continue, as he has ridden a British Army motorbike across India to support several children's charities and worked in a mental health facility in Manhattan.