It Started with Colonel Sanders....
Hello Everyone!
As an avid reader of suspense and thriller novels I have always aspired to write one myself. A few
years back I decided to sit down and hammer out my first attempt at a short story. I used many
elements of my real life on a small farm in North Texas. The finished effort was The Revenge of
Colonel Sanders based on a crotchety rooster I had. The short story had all the elements of what I
love to read... fast paced, heart pumping suspense, descriptive creativity and subtle humor. Writing
that short story created an even bigger itch to write a novel where I could add depth and even more
of those elements I love in a story.
I hope you enjoy reading Super Moon Protocol as much as I enjoyed writing it!
PS. You may be thinking, a rooster? Throw in the CIA, Mexican cartels, smarty art psychologists,
Vietnam survivalists, redneck truckers, Nazi librarians, hi-tech weaponry, lots of horsepower, heart
tugging moments and yeah well, you won't look at roosters the same again. I can promise you that!
- JT