About me
I am an autistic mathematician and writer of science fiction, who – after seven moves within the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and the UK – settled in the Garden of England (a.k.a. Kent).
As a writer, I am passionate about diversity in books. This includes, but is not limited to, neurodivergent protagonists as unadulterated heroes (not the protagonist's socialising project, not a protagonist's handbag). I'll also always include female protagonists with an interest or career in STEM subjects.

When I'm not juggling data or words, I like to go for walks, returning home with ‘pretty’ pebbles to add to the collection on my desk.


About my manuscripts

“Seeing humans removed from Earth because of an Event I rubber-stamped ... How do you think that felt?”

In the very near future, US President Drum’s ‘Wag the Dog’ ploy triggers an alien species’ contingency plans to save Earth. In England, 53-year-old mathematician Caila is confronted with the fallout.
After having been asked to decide the future of humankind on Earth and select seven survivors, the restart isn’t as clearcut as expected, when an MP with PM ambitions survives with military and threatens the survival of the few enduring humans on Earth.

Adult, Speculative/Contemporary Science Fiction.
The Day the Earth Stood Still, the film, without escape clause (premise) x Lauren James for adults (feel/genre)
SEVEN is a standalone parallel to The Second Choice.

The Second Choice
No declarations of war, no broken seals or Four Horsemen. Just twelve arms, raised in solemn unison, signal the end of the world.

After an alien species reset Earth to save the planet from a warlords(a.k.a. politicians)-induced apocalypse, six autistic teens and a whale-watching boat captain battle hostile security forces to prevent total human extinction

Young Adult/Crossover, Speculative/Contemporary Science Fiction.
'The Day the Earth Stood Still', the film, without escape clause (premise) x Lauren James (feel/genre) x 'Underdogs' series (for #ND and #OwnVoices)
The Second Choice is a standalone parallel to SEVEN.

Blood is thicker than water ... Maybe not, if your aunt attempts to kill you (trice) and then tries blow up the world.

21st century Earth: all but a few are oblivious of extra-terrestrial life.
When Misha (15) is recruited by an organisation who assess stewardship and security risks on developing planets to prevent interplanetary conflicts, she uncovers a plot to grab world power. As apparent accidents turn into brazen assassination attempts, only Misha, with her too close for comfort connection to the conspirators, can save Earth from dictatorship or, destruction.

Young Adult, Speculative/Contemporary Science Fiction.
{'The Day the Earth Stood Still' x the United Nations with a bite} (premise) x Lauren James (feel/genre).
PARSIDUS is a standalone novel.

Rebecca’s Diary
Running away from home with her horse Flock,12-year-old Rebecca achieves more independence than she bargained for when the world around her vanishes.
She rides across the country, ending up in Kent, where she joins seven strangers in a castle to forge a future for humankind and rebuild her own life.

Rebecca’s Diary is a MG/Companion novelette to SEVEN.


In my 'what's next' folder:
- Outlines for sequels and standalone parallels to SEVEN and The Second Choice,
- An outline for a sequel to PARSIDUS,
- Some exciting new ideas.