Lis McDermott

Lis McDermott will be judging the Page Turner Awards Writing Mentorship Award 2022, offering a writing mentorship prize to authors and writers

Lis will offer her time for at least a year, or over if it takes longer. She doesn’t like to set an exact time, because of each writer’s individual needs. The joy of mentoring for Lis is to help people on their journey, to write their book, helping them to get their work into being publication-ready.

She helps writers to move forward, depending on where they are when she initially meets them – this can mean, from a very early point where they require help to plan and organize their writing, or they may have written quite a large part of their book, but have lost their way.

Working with writers, Lis will look at grammar, punctuation, language, use of words, organizing writing into a shape. Make sure that what you write makes sense to people other than you. Lis will talk about the use of description, dialogue, and characters. She works hard to give positive, though where needed, carefully worded, critical advice. Her aim is to encourage people because we all have lapses in confidence at some point, so she is there as a listening ear they can continually turn to when needed. When making comments, she always keeps in mind it is your story, with her aim to ensure you are able to tell that story in the best way.