Lynwood Shiva

I was born a vagabond spirit and have yet to learn the meaning of “comfort zone.” My life has been and continues to be sui generis.
All that follows is a standard literary CV for an extremely non-standard career.
In high school, I was an editor of the underground paper, The Charlotte Inquisition, the first in the South to join the Underground Press Syndicate and was a principal in the First Amendment precedent-setting case: Inquisition v. City of Charlotte.
My full-length play, December Never Yields, a family drama produced by Charlotte's First Light Stage Company, was notable for being reviewed by The Charlotte Observer's drama critic the evening the backer of a play she had trashed purchased a full-page ad in The Observer. The backer reviewed her with the same level of vitriol she had reviewed his play, to wit. "For those who have had the misfortune to meet Miss R*, she has the girth of dancing whale. Fortunately, the boards held."
Needless to say, Miss R. was in not in a jovial, generous mood when she saw my play, and unleashed her fury (with admittedly some justification) upon my poor play and me.
A former member Mystery Writers of America and the UK Crime Writers, I wrote “The Tattered Rose” (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine 500th First Story) and co-wrote the literary mystery, An Uncertain Currency [trade paper-back], a.k.a. Other Arms, Other Eyes [eBook]. My romantic thriller, Windswept (a page turner even before I heard about Page Turner Awards!), is slowly garnering a readership looking for not only a roller-coaster ride with unexpected twist and turns, but a story with identifiable characters and acerbic social observation.
In the Park, directed by Marianna Dean [currently directing the feature, Breaking Gravity], won the 2017 LA Independent Film Festival Best Comedy/Dramedy Award. My produced feature films include the cult classic, Space Avenger, (one of the world’s last true three-strip dye-transfer Technicolor films) Spy (the one with Vinnie Pastore [The Sopranos]). Currently, I have three feature films in preproduction by EQ films of Norwich, England, details of which can be seen on IMDB Pro.