I am a first time author and a full time surgeon.

Around ten years ago, I had an idea for an alien world accessed through a child's dreams. Bit by bit the idea grew and I needed to get it out of my head and onto paper. Over the last two years I've had the opportunity and the time to realise this and, with the help of an online writing course, have turned bullet points and wisps of ideas into a middle grade interplanetary adventure with aspects of real science to entertain as well as educate young readers.

Within my day to day job I am constantly teaching junior doctors and enjoy educating and inspiring them. To be able to give a taste of science to a wide audience at a young age and over a broad range of topics would be amazing. All of it wrapped in a tale of adventure and imagination could only help enthuse children in the amazing world of facts all around them.

My ambition is to become a published author with my Page Turner submission being the first in a series of books where I can further develop the characters and worlds already in play.
I am also completing final drafts of a series of children’s picture books to involve and engage an even younger audience with the world around them.