On a website on the internet there lived a Joe. Not a hot, caffeinated Joe, splashed with cream and a roasty smell, nor yet a cotton-eyed Joe with over-played lyrics and a catchy beat: it was a writer Joe, and that means humor. Or something. Joe Heath writes, directs, films, produces, and acts in short films, sketches, and movie reviews for Minty Pineapple Entertainments. He also writes novels with friends under the name J. Bartholomew Hivemind. Recently he has been writing pop culture articles for Looper and The Dipp. His work has been featured in the Chattanooga Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Ha! Film Fest, Frightening Ass Film Fest, Project Alpha's Short Ends, Culture Smash Nashville, 54 Film Fest, OneCloudFest, and Con Nooga.