Morag Higgins

Hi, I'm Morag Higgins, thank you for taking the time to read my page. I write articles for equestrian magazines and equestrian training books but my real passion is for SciFi and Horror, I absolutely love it, I am a proud Dr Who fanatic (have been all my life and yes I can remember the very first Doctor!!). I am very proud of my book Eye of the Unicorn and yes there are three more in the series (my publisher has them at the moment). I have recently written my first Sci Fi/Horror and Horror which are also with my editor at the moment.
I am so pleased you have taken the time to read this and hope we can chat soon!

You can see some of our work at the website

I have several published books out at the moment:-

Bruja -
This is the true story of a life shared and a relationship formed over twenty years, between Morag Higgins and her companion, a horse called Bruja. At times humorous, often deeply emotional but overall one woman's story of a lifelong bond between her and a horse from which she learned so much. Morag has been riding for over thirty five years and teaching for almost three decades. She has had the privilege to have known and worked with many, many horses in her career having participated in several disciplines such as jumping, dressage, one day eventing, showing and western riding. In 'Bruja' Morag encapsulates the life of one horse and its profoundly moving effect on all who knew her.

Equido Horsemanship For the 21st Century -
Equido is a way of living with horses, a way which influences every single thing we do with our equine companions, right from the moment we step into their world, be it mucking out, making feeds, leading, grooming rugging etc, it is not just about when we sit on their backs and expect them to obey.

Equido teaches us how to have feel for everything you do with the horse, it is about the big picture, the whole picture. We know that a horse that is not cared for or handled properly will not be in a good or happy state of mind and this in turn will affect their performance when being ridden.

Through the pages of this book we will give you an insight into Equido, horsemanship for the 21st century.

Equido The Path of Least Resistance -
The primary reason for the development of Equido® was to educate people from basic to advanced horsemanship in a method that is sympathetic to the horse’s needs. Equido® been accredited by LANTRA for 10 years and in that time there have been well over 500 students who have studied the system. The premise for writing this book was to show people another viewpoint in working with horses.

You will see in this book vets, farriers, bodyworkers and trainers going about their day to day work as a result some of the pictures you will see show horses coming in from the field who may not have been groomed or photo shopped. What we wanted to show in this book was an honest representation of the day to day work carried out on a yard. We also wanted to show that it is not just the trainer that is involved with the horse but it is a team of very skilful equestrian professionals.

We hope that in reading this book you find something that is beneficial not only to your horse but to yourself and perhaps this will start you down the path of least resistance.

The Good Children
A heart-warming and emotional story of two very special dogs Tag and Tess as told through their eyes. This is suitable for all ages.

Poppy Pinto Plays Peek-a-Boo
Poppy Pinto Plays Peek-a-Boo is the first in a series of wonderful stories about a beautiful horse and all her friends. Poppy is on a quest to learn how to play peek-a-boo. From ages 3 upwards this will appeal to all children, especially animal lovers and is the perfect read along story for parents and children.

The Eye of The Unicorn -
On a dying planet two species complete for survival. The San, a people who have been divided into tribes through war bigotry and hate, their population devastated by a mysterious illness. Their rivals, the Cuc, a hive species who declare all out war on the San.

Born into this world are twin sons of the Chieftain of the Warrior Clan of the Chai, Remruc and Curmer. After the death of their father, they are burdened with the task of saving their people. Together they formulate a radical plan which could untie the divided clans.

Taking advantage of the race weakened by illness and held together by very tenuous bonds, the Cuc, a formidable enemy of the San take them to the very brink of destruction. When all seems lost a secret is uncovered, a secret that may secure the safety of their people but a secret that has a darker side and a high price will be paid for survival.

A fast-paced action packed adventure that will keep you turning the pages to find the answers and leave you breathless as the legend of Remruc and Curmer unfolds.

All of the above are currently available from all major on line stores. Books due for release this summer are:-

The Eye of the Unicorn - The Price of Paradise -
The next instalment in the Eye of the Unicorn series is as fast paced and action packed as the first. This continuation of the story of Remruc and Curmer, the twin chieftains of the alien race called the San, will leave you breathless and eager for more. As the plot unfolds deep dark truths are discovered and universe changing decisions made.

The Idor, builders of the gateway discovered on the San world have a deadly secret. Now that the San have become uninvited guests on their world, the Idor see an opportunity that may give them the upper hand in a dangerous game they are playing. Curmer, trying to convince the Idor to allow his people to stay inadvertently ties the San forever to their purpose. It may be a decision he will live to regret. What is the secret of the Idor, what will Remruc and Curmer’s people have to do for sanctuary on this world, what will be the true price of paradise.

The Eye of the Unicorn - The Grieving God
The third book of the Eye of The Unicorn series continues the story of the Elidorsan and the children of Remruc and Curmer. After centuries of peace and harmony the Elidorsan begin to notice that fewer of the ordinary San citizens are being selected by the Idor to join their elite immortal ranks.

Mora is pregnant with her first child and does not find maternal instincts come naturally. Her child has immense power and his existence was predicted by the Idor centuries before, he has a very important role to play and the Idor are concerned that Mora’s coldness will turn the child onto the wrong path before he had been born. Making a radical decision they remove him from Mora before he is born and raise him in the city of the Idor, training his advanced mind in preparation for his tasks in life, returning him in secret to be raised by a surrogate Elidorsan family out with Mora’s influence.

As time passes Shosten, Remruc’s grandson senses a deep unrest amongst the San of the city of Nemn. As he investigates he is shocked at the changes in the ordinary people, their characters flawed and arrogant as they no longer revere the Elidorsan. Knowing the Idor will not tolerate such behaviour he tries to find the root of the problems and encounters the twisted despot heir to the Chieftain’s throne behind an insidious plot. The Elidorsan Duren who is stationed as a liaison officer in the city has been preoccupied with protecting the aged Chieftain against assassination plots and has been unable to warn Shoshten of the problems in the city. Events come to a head as the Chieftain is assassinated and Shoshten framed for the murder. The Idor demand that the San be banished from Idor and the Elidorsan forces find themselves fighting their own kind and forcing them from their world.

The Elidorsan High Chieftains Deyka and Mora appeal to the Idor who relent and allow those San loyal to the Elidorsan to live on a safe and guarded planet, allowed to grow and finally devolve as nature intended. Those guilty of treason and disloyalty are also guarded on a separate world, prevented from escape and left to their own devices and eventual extinction. Duren has fallen in love with a San girl and although he knows she will age and die he elects to accompany her to the saved San world where they live till her death. Duren is beside himself with grief and the love between them becomes a legend amongst the Saved San.

The Elidorsan extend their protection to all life in the universe, ensuring that civilisations are allowed to develop in peace and harmony and stepping in to address any imbalance. During a visit to the Saved San world Deyka and Mora encounter a strange being in a stolen alien craft. They question the Idor about this and the reaction shocks them. The Idor are afraid, there now begins a deadly search as a new evil encroaches on the universes, an evil that the Idor have been keeping a secret.

The Eye of the Unicorn - The Lost Child
The last in the Eye of The Unicorn Series finds Sara, the human child rescued by Duren, growing up on Idor as an Elidorsan. She is a vital link for the Elidorsan who are searching for Shoshten’s son Merkan as the creatures that attacked her people are the same species that caused the anomaly which drew Merkan’s ship into an unknown universe. They scour the different universes seeking any clues as to the whereabouts of the missing crew and unknown to them Cultok, the son of the High Chieftains of the Elidorsan Deyka and Mora had stowed away on Merkan’s ship when it went missing.

Merkan’s ship has been destroyed as they materialise into a fierce space battle above a blue planet. The attacking ships hovering above the planet are decimating the native forces and Merkan is forced to choose sides as the attackers turn their attention to the battered Elidorsan craft. They are supported by the native crafts but their ship is critically damaged and Merkan choses to destroy the master craft of the attackers by crashing into it. They transport themselves onto the planet but despite this only five of his crew survive the attack and are immediately emersed in a firefight assisting the natives of this world. Cultok has survived and as far as the Elidorsan know he is just the son of Lord Duren’s servants. The planet they are on is Earth and now they must forge an alliance with the humans of this world if they ever want to get back home.

This is a nail biting finale to the Eye of the Unicorn Series, Sara had no knowledge of humans or her home world and Cultok is now living on Earth. The enemies of the humans and Elidorsan are part of the dark secret that the Idor have been keeping and now all of the pathways are merging into a gripping explosive conclusion that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Engineer -
Juggernaut 90, a deep space pleasure freighter on course for Colony Planet Echo One is six months into a two- and half-year journey. On board passengers and crew are in stasis leaving ships AI JOE 90 and David Bockerat engineer, the only active human crew member to deal with any breakdowns whilst in deep space.

David who is nearing retirement after years of service with the fleet finds himself dealing with an almost constant stream of minor breakdowns, a situation that he has never experienced before. To his surprise he found the personality program for the AI had not only been switched off by the previous engineer who had been on the ship for almost fifty years before his unexpected death, but the personality files were missing.

During one of his maintenance checks he stumbles upon the missing files for the AI and re-installs them, activating JOE 90 to full capacity. The AI seems to be very amenable and develops a good rapport with David. As the troubles escalate David’s intuition tells him that sinister forces are at work and becomes suspicious that JOE 90 is somehow involved. With no one to turn to other than the AI David feels trapped in a cat and mouse struggle with this unseen force.

After a shocking discovery deep in the bowls of the ship David realises his suspicions about JOE 90 were unfounded. However, all the new evidence he finds points to something far more sinister and horrific which has been released by the previous engineer Robert Wallen. David and JOE 90 are now locked in a life-or-death struggle with unknown supernatural forces that put the entire ship at risk. Will they managed to defeat their foe before it is too late?

The Engineer - Re-engineered
This is the second in the Sci/Fi horror series and continues the adventures of our heroes as they struggle to uncover the dark machinations of the horror they have been drawn into conflict with.

The Engineer - Reverse engineered
This is the third in the Sci/Fi horror series. Our intrepid heroes are deep into the twisted conspiracy to destroy their civilisation. They journey beyond their wildest imagination, fighting to bring about a prediction made by an ancient computer, face their worst fears and are forced to make heart rending choices .

The Neighbour
When Wendy and John purchase some land to fulfil their dreams of building a horse training facility they thought they had the perfect place. Little did they know that their neighbours had other ideas. At first the struggle to build their business which seemed to be plagued by delays, red-tape and strange occurrences were put down to the normal teething problems every new business faces. Eventually they realise they have the neighbours from hell living next door, plotting and scheming and making their lives as miserable as possible.

Events take a terrifying turn and both Wendy and John find themselves battling with supernatural forces hell bent on destroying them. Can they survive against the odds? Will they succeed or will the evil next door destroy everything in its path?

Who's in 242
When Gravediggers open up a supposedly empty lair, with ground that hasn’t been disturbed for over fifty years, they discover a skeleton buried in the plot. Suspecting a possible cold case murder Detective George Caldwell is brought in to investigate. Whilst waiting on reconstruction of the skull to attempt identification, the detective decides to take matters into his own hands and begins a solo undercover investigation in the tiny village of Springnoll. As he delves deeper into the ancient mysteries surrounding the village he uncovers a shocking secret, a secret that brings to life horrific repercussions in this world and the world of the supernatural.

The Lock-up
Edgar Hydeford, a once popular but now struggling artist, shares a lockup with an obnoxious and dangerous bully, Henry. Edgar’s life is on the skids and he is desperate for a chance to break back into the art scene, however, his co-habitant of the studio lockup seems hell bent on destroying any chance of Edgar achieving the heights of his previous success.

Angela Worthing , a well-known art dealer with a string of artists and galleries in several towns, appears at the lockup looking for new talent and is delighted with the samples Edgar shows her. Just as life seems to be on the up, Henry puts into motion a series of violent and horrific events that will destroy Edgar’s life forever.

In a desperate struggle for survival Edgar searches for a way out of his horrific situation and in a final shocking twist we uncover the unbelievable truth about Edgar and Henry’s relationship