Clennell has published short stories in a few literary magazines. She self-published a novella entitled The Circle and Dark Brilliance, a book of short story on She writes romance in many of its subgenres: thrillers, suspense and mystery, paranormal and fantasy, and contemporary romance.

Clennell has a long and winding background in writing, but she has interests in just about everything from murder and mayhem in other authors' novels to magick and zoology if that's what her characters are into. She lives in Florida and enjoys being entertained by the Amazon echo dot and show that are strategically placed throughout her home. She enjoys reading, writing, research, and coming up with new and interesting conflicts for her characters to resolve.

At present, she is working on the third book of The Draiocht Trilogy, The Convicted.

Clennell is a woman of many talents, but her first love is writing. She wants to welcome you into her strange and wonderful world, so step into her parlor; join the party; and discover magic.

Clennell's parlor can be found at website: Follow Clennell on Twitter: & Facebook: She can't wait to meet you!