nicola green

Studied at AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School), Sydney, NSW.

Currently writing a sequel to my biopic feature The Split,  entitled The Reunion.  

I have dual nationality, born and raised in London, UK, moved to Australia over 25 years ago, where I have lived in Adelaide, South Australia for the best part of that time. I am a single mother to two young sons. 

The Split has been getting some attention from various film festivals around the world, which is very exciting as I've only recently been entering my screenplay into competitions. My project 'The Split' is now on the top tier of projects on . Please see below.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - New York Tri-State International Film Festival Online 2021 for The Split.

SEMI-FINALIST Best Feature Screenplay London Film & Television Festival Online 2021 for The Split.

WINNER Golden Harvest Film Festival Best Feature Screenplay 2021 for The Split.

OFFICIAL SELECTION Best Unproduced Script LA Independent Women Film Awards 2021 for The Split.

QUARTER FINALIST Scriptapalooza 2021 for The Split.

OFFICIAL SELECTION Crime/Mystery Film & Screenplay Festival L.A. 2021 for The Split.

WINNER Channel Islands International Film Festival 2021 for The Split.

WINNER Golden Sparrow International Film Festival 2021 for The Split.

OFFICIAL SELECTION True Story Screenplay competition 2021 for The Split.

WINNER Best Unproduced Script London Indie Shorts Festival 2021 for The Split.

OVERALL WINNER - Wimbledon Library Film Club 2021 Feature Screenplay overall winner for 'The Split'.

SEMIFINALIST - TMFF The Monthly Film Festival 2021 Feature Screenplay semifinalist for 'The Split'.

SILVER AWARD WINNER - WRPN Women's International Film Festival 2021 Feature Screenplay silver award winner for 'The Split'.

'The Split' has been officially selected at the Toronto International Women Film Festival 2021.

Official selection at Bridge Fest 2021.

Importantly, I have only discovered my love of creative writing in recent years, proving you're never too old to pick up a new skill! Thank you for your time.

Please note, I am currently structuring links to social media, etc. I have attached some rare film footage of actual speedway racing, a youtube link. My protagonist, Squire 'Split' Waterman, features throughout (the footage).