Niloufar Lamakan is an Iranian-born interior designer and artist living in London. Her debut novel, “Swiping at 60”, is a romantic comedy about a spirited woman in her 60s defying ageist expectations by taking on a dating challenge. Niloufar wanted to write a funny and age-positive story about women, dating and sex. Her book is a well-timed portrayal of a sixty-year-old female protagonist in a lead romantic comedy role.
The book follows Sophia Stone who is single, successful and loves her life in London. She intends to grow old disgracefully, determined not to be quiet and invisible. When she decides to go on one date a week for a year, she wants sparkling romance and hot sex, not targeted ads for funeral plans. She embarks with enthusiasm on a series of sexy, unexpected and downright comedic encounters. She has a fling with a cape-clad opera buff, eats sushi off a man’s naked body, and enjoys the perks of dating an orgasm expert. Having vowed never to fall in love again after the last heartbreak, Sophia wishes for mind-blowing sex without emotional entanglement, but her dating journey may lead her in a surprising direction.