Oliver Richbell

After spending over a decade as a lawyer Oliver runs a dispute resolution consultancy that helps businesses resolve their commercial disputes through dialogue and negotiation (www.thedisputeresolutionpartnership.org) . He is Chairman of Bedfordshire’s region of Wooden Spoon, a charity that helps socially, mentally and physically disadvantaged children and he is also a volunteer at a local homeless outreach organisation. He lives in Bedford with his wife and daughter.

Oliver published his first novella, ‘Gloriana’ in September 2018. Using the background of ‘Brexit’, ‘Gloriana’ is a thunderous political thriller with an unexpected twist in the tale and it has received critical acclaim with 50+ four and five star reviews on Amazon.

‘’The Courageous Witness’ is his second novella and launches the career of mesmeric barrister Amanda Buckingham which was published in February 2019. His third book, "The Star Witness" is the second legal story based on his character Amanda Buckingham which will be published in June 2020. In addition to all of this Oliver is also writing a novel set against the destruction and chaos of Berlin in 1945.