I've always loved creative writing and one of my earliest memories is being sent to the headmaster to receive a commendation for a comic book I wrote.

For most of my life, I worked in offices writing training and technical manuals. In my spare time, I would be starting (but rarely finishing) science fiction stories and novels. One of my SF novels took so long to write, that advances in technology made it obsolete.

In 2015 - when I was a hypnotherapist - I wrote and published a book about using self-hypnosis for physical and mental well being.

My venture into serious writing began in March 2020 with the first Covid lockdown. I began to write a story that had been rattling around my head for decades—how would a person with Asperger's syndrome cope after the apocalypse? I have published the first four novels in the Yellow Death Chronicles and the Amazon reviews have been fantastic. At last, I have found a job that I love.

After moving around a lot, including several years in Ireland, I've settled for good in North Devon with my lovely wife and two dogs. We frequently travel to Cambridge to visit our two offspring and nag them to produce us a grandchild.