Phill Featherstone has been a teacher, education adviser and publisher. He now alternates between writing, drinking coffee, and playing the saxaphone (badly) - not always in that order. He lives in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England with Sally, his wife and partner of more years than either of them can count. He is the author of a number of novels and short stories. Most are about young people and therefore get the YA tag, but they're enjoyed by readers of all ages, including retirees.

Phill's first published book was Paradise Girl. It came out in 2016 and tells the story of - would you believe? - a worldwide pandemic and its effects on a family living in the remote hills of northern England. A sequel, Aftershocks, was published in 2017 and the story concluded with Jericho Rose, which appeared in 2020 just as the 'real' pandemic struck! These three together form the REBOOT series. It's amazing that despite what everyone has been through there are still readers interested in the characters who populate these pages.

Phill's fourth novel, The God Jar, is his first non-YA title (so far). It’s a tale of magic and mystery which straddles 16th century Europe and 20th century England. John Dee, Elizabethan sorcerer and mystic, comes upon a jar which contains a powerful spirit. England is in danger and Dee must sacrifice his find to save the country and his Queen. 400 years later the jar resurfaces when a pair of holidaymakers salvage it on a diving trip. But have they found the jar or has it found them? And how do they avoid the perils it threatens?

In What Dreams We Had (2021) a group of young people leaving high school are wondering how to spend the summer when they get a surprise invitation to stay at a celeb's villa in Italy. They will live in luxury and all their expenses will be paid. Where’s the catch? In finding out they are forced to confront uncomfortable truths about who they are and about what is important to them, and to wonder whether anything they thought was real actually is.

I Know What You're Thinking (2022) is Phill’s most recent work to date. The central characters, Beth and Cameron, share a remarkable ability: each can see into the mind of the other. Cameron is seized by criminals who are harvesting organs to sell to wealthy transplant patients. His only chance of survival is if Beth can use their amazing gift to find him.

Phill is currently working on another YA series, Leopard’s Bane, which follows a boy and girl in a mythical land. Book 1, The Poisoner’s Garden, will be out towards the end of 2022 with the second volume, Snake’s Breath, to follow in 2023.

Phill has also written a book of short stories, Undiscovered Countries, and co-written with Sally Featherstone several books in the Bloomsbury Education Early Years series.

Industry recognition -
Indie B.R.A.G. Medallions: Paradise Girl, Aftershocks, The God Jar, What Dreams We Had
Chill Awards: Paradise Girl, Aftershocks, Jericho Rose, The God Jar, What Dreams We Had
Wishing Shelf Award Finalists: Paradise Girl, Aftershocks, The God Jar
Wishing Shelf Red Ribbon Winner: Jericho Rose
Page Turner Awards Finalists: Paradise Girl, The God Jar, What Dreams We Had