P.J. Roscoe

P.J. Roscoe is the international award-winning author of historical, paranormal novels and the 'Adventures of Faerie folk' series for young children. Her latest award, January 2021, winning the best Women's Fiction at the Firebird Book Awards was yet another reason for readers to find her work and delve into the pages. Her books are with www.Crimsoncloakpublishing.com
Paula not only writes books, but has collaborated with www.storymore.com to write a screenplay for her award-winning historical novel, Diary of Margery Blake, to create an audio-drama based on the story. It is gaining worldwide recognition and the BBC have shown an interest at time of writing. (Dec2021)
Writing aside, Paula is also a narrator and voice-actress, using her gifts to produce 12 classics of Jane Austen, Bronte, Christie and more for www.findawayvoices.com and has worked with authors directly, in-between narrating her own books for worldwide distribution. Storymore included her in the audio drama of her book, voicing three characters, one of which was a main character, Maggie.
Paula lives in North Wales with her husband of 28 years, and their animals. Their daughter with special needs having decided to move out and live with support and gain her own independence three years ago. "It was a very proud moment for us when Megan made that choice. She is doing an amazing job."
Paula is also a qualified counsellor, Holistic therapist, grief trainer, supervisor, drumming facilitator, healing facilitator, spiritual medium and much more.
"I believe in living life fully and doing what you love; never merely existing."