Reid Linney

Author. Silicon Valley Executive-at-Large. Private Investor. Constant Learner.

2021 Page Turner Awards Multiple Finalist; 2022 Page Turner Awards Finalist (Longlisted)

I’ve always had a passion for taking a blank page and creating something interesting but publishing novels came late for me. Perhaps that was a good thing. After all, life experiences bring a richer understanding that can enhance anyone’s writing. The inspiration to write was sparked by the birth of my grandson. Writing novels gave me the chance to leave him something -- a path to a more impactful and happy life. And maybe even a little inspiration of his own.

As a kid, I was enthralled by Robert Louis Stevenson's ‘Treasure Island’ and 'Kidnapped'. The fact that my grandson was named Drake (like the famous sixteenth-century English 'pirate') led me to write Pyrate Rising. When I finished, I found myself deeply invested in the characters ad wanting to know where their lives would take them. So I penned my ‘Pyrate Series’ trilogy. I’m now working on the fourth novel in that series, under my pen name: Reidr Daniels.

There’s an interesting twist here. My writing unexpectedly brought me Garret Connachan, an intelligent, brash, and bad-ass female who initially presents as male. There is actual historical precedent for this -- think Ann Bonny, or Mary Read. Though not even written into my initial draft, Garret fought her way into becoming the main protagonist. Give her credit -- she even pushed aside the legendary Drake for that spot. She’s fought for recognition and success in the harshest of environments, under complicated circumstances. And she learned how to lead at the foot of one of England’s greatest heroes. She now leads my 'Pyrate Series'. I believe Garret will appeal to male, female and non-binary pirate fans.

I'm pleased that all three of the novels in my Pyrate Series trilogy have been named Finalists for PTA writing awards.

In addition to my Pyrate Series trilogy, I've authored three nonfiction books, honoring the lives and history of my extended family, under my real name.

Published Novels:
Pyrate Rising (Historical Fiction, 2021) - A #1 New Seller in an Amazon YA category; and 2021 Page Turner Award Finalist (Writing Award)
Pyrate Assassin (Historical Fiction, 2022) - A 2021 Page Turner Awards Finalist (Writing Award)
Pyrate Crossover (Historical Fiction, 2023) - A 2022 Page Turner Awards Longlisted Finalist (Writing Award)

Manuscripts in process:
Pyrate: Black Flag (Historical Fiction)

Published Nonfiction:
The Langton Millennium (2021) - A family ancestral investigation covering one thousand years
A Family Legacy: The Proutens and The Lees (2021) - A family ancestral investigation
A Family Legacy - The Grants & The Linneys (2024) - The last in the series.

Business Publications (Nonfiction)
Adding it All Up, University of Manitoba, UM Today (2017)
Exceptional Talent May Not Come in a Box, (2016)
Can I Talk? (About Women Proving Out in the Workplace), (2014)
A Multitasking Fish Story, BizWatchOnline (c2001)
Stock Option Repricing: What Now? Compensation & Benefits Review (1999)
ISOs vs NQSOs: The Choice Still Exists, Compensation & Benefits Review (1987)

Social Media:
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