I wrote THE DARKNESS after a confrontation with the serial rapist who raped me. I showed up at the county jail where he was being held after my case ended in a mistrial. After continued frustrations of waiting for the legal system to bring justice, I went to the jail, where he was held (parole violation) until a retrial. I showed up during visiting hours (surprise!) and demanded an apology. The shock on his face when he first saw me was priceless. A thick glass plate separated us, so I felt safe.

During the conversation, I started thinking about evil. What made this seemingly “nice guy” become a knife-wielding, life-threatening rapist? When the visit ended, he asked what he could do since he couldn’t apologize (because he “liked to rape and wasn’t sorry"). I told him to plead guilty—which he did.

After the conversation, I wondered when evil enters the body. At birth? Before birth? Or a bad childhood? After hearing the rapist’s struggle with the evil that hounded him, I began researching good, evil, and psychopathic behaviors. The rapist’s battle with evil began the storyline for THE DARKNESS--in the novel, the mind of a serial killer is explored.

I like to write edgy stories. Stories that make readers think. THE DARKNESS is a fast-paced psychological suspense.

THE DARKNESS has won nine awards.

THE BEAUTIFUL EVIL is about a woman who purchases an antique vase in a rundown curio shop and when she opens the lid, her dark side escapes into her world. The confrontation with her darkness leads the main character, Constance Sartone, into a battle for her sanity and her life.

THE BEAUTIFUL EVI has won five awards.


My award-winning books include a novella, six novels, five short-story collections, and one book of poetry. Published in magazines including Readers Digest, Redbook, Penthouse, and also college textbooks, my work has also been included in several anthologies. As editor-in-chief of the Redwood Writers 2018 anthology, I supervised the creation and publication of REDEMPTION: Stories From the Edge. An article I wrote was optioned twice for TV’s Movie of the Week, and I appeared on the Jane Whitney television show to discuss my article, “A Victim’s Revenge.”

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