S. Peryn Roel

I have long enjoyed the arts. Whether going to the theater, writing, painting, taking photographs or creating something useful, I find I am always in pursuit of a creative outlet. I studied English and Anthropology in college and later photography. I grew up in the country and now live with my family on ten wooded acres in Virginia, which affords us an excellent opportunity to explore nature together.

The "Unfolding of Time ~ The Curse" is the first in a series of middle grade fantasy books. I have always been a storyteller. When the idea for this story came to me I began writing on my smartphone, as it was with me wherever I went. I typed and typed until eight pages became fifteen and fifteen, thirty. The excitement of putting words onto paper and seeing them transform into another world, a place of adventure and escape was inspiring. In time I had 110,000 words, mostly written on my phone. Then came the dividing of the story into shorter books, the continued editing, and reworking (where I transitioned to a laptop full time). I now have the first book completed and am excited to share it with others. I look forward to the day it finds its way onto bookshelves and into the hands of kids everywhere, who I hope enjoy the adventures of Jack, Ella, and Lily as much as I do.