Sam Shakes

Sam Shakes is author of books The Happy Man who refused Love and Help: Are you capable of murder, The Woman with a Fish in her Head: An Alcoholic or Worrier and Then Life Took Control: A Journal from Sickness to Wellbeing. The latter publication received a starred review in the Nursing Standards, the UK’s best selling nursing journal.

When she is not writing, Sam spends time in parks observing people, dogs, birds and insects. Talking to strangers and relating with dogs, birds and insects, is how she feeds her love of relationships with all, and the world.

Before she started writing, Sam was diagnosed with the inflammatory bowel disease Ulcerative Colitis and underwent life-saving surgery. What followed was a rollercoaster of depression, alcoholism and counselling. Determined to make ‘good’ of this ‘bad’ situation, she pursued a Health Studies degree, at Middlesex University, London. Thereafter, she qualified as a self-management tutor, helping hundreds of patients improve their physical and mental health. She currently lectures in universities and is writing her fourth title.

To find out more about Sam’s books, please visit her website.