Diana has been writing for much of her life, but only just began devoting time to establishing a career in late 2019. Having committed the previous twenty years to raising her family, she was ecstatic for 2020 when all of her children would be attending all-day school for the first time and she could really dig into her writing career... you can guess how that went. LOL. And so, she began again in 2021 and is just getting started. As a self-published author, she writes cozy mysteries under the pen name, Rimmy London and has just released a new pen name for inspirational western romance under the pen name Savannah Taylor.

But she's not finished yet.

Middle-grade fantasy also has a special place in her heart. Her first book in this genre will take her own name, just to keep things straight. She's thrilled to continue writing and creating, bringing amazing stories to readers young and old.