Steve Rush’s experience includes tenure as homicide detective and chief forensic investigator for a national consulting firm in the field of forensic and environmental pathology and medicine. Once hailed as, “The best forensic investigator in the United States” by the late Joseph L. Burton, M.D., Steve has investigated 900+ death scenes and taught classes related to death investigation. His specialties include injury causation, blood spatter analysis, occupant kinematics, and recovery of human skeletal remains.

Steve won joint first prize in the 2020 Chillzee KiMo T-E-N Contest, and was a finalist in the 2020 Page Turner Awards. He is the author of two novels published under pseudonym, Shane Kinsey, three Christian non-fiction books including Cause of Death: Autopsy of Jesus, and was part of the development team for “Quincy,” a software program designed for coroners and medical examiners.

Steve subscribes to multiple writing-related newsletters and seminars, and continues building his on-line presence with his Website, Goodreads, and Linked-In. He lives in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Sharon.