Geoff Kealls manuscript is titled "Soiamthat - A Losers Guide to the Galaxy". The working title of the book is The Semantics of i AM - hence soiamthat. The unpublished manuscript awaits professional editing before being published, hopefully in 2020.

Geoff started life in Pahiatua, New Zealand. A proud Kiwi, he and his family of 6 moved to Hervey Bay from Palmerston North, New Zealand in 2007. "We'd never been to Brisbane, let alone regional Queensland. What was I thinking? 13 years later our children have left home, while we still live in Hervey Bay under the eternal SE Qld, sunshine". Geoff wrote The Semantics of i AM from insights discovered during his family's recovery from the mental injury caused by the revelation of generational childhood sexual assault affecting his family. Geoff explains an approach to life that delivers instant CALM from self-defeating mind chatter. 

"Like learning to walk, our ego is a habit learned unconsciously. In childhood, we choose our egos' relative value by interpreting feedback. Easily achieve calm by consciously changing this value."