SP Grogan

SP Grogan began his career as a college newspaper editor, winner of the Shubert Fellowship in Playwriting, a newspaper reporter, a magazine editor, and taking creative writing classes at Harvard.

He published his first mystery thriller, "Vegas Die" in 2008 which won an award for Best Regional Fiction. In 2022, the 10th Anniversary Editon of his "Captain Cooked: Hawaiian Mystery of Romance, Revenge, and Recipes" won Best Food Novel from Gourmand International Cookbook Awards. Author Craig Johnson of the Longmire television series called it "something you can sink your teeth into, in more ways than one." Best-selling author, Anne Hillerman, said "Captain Cooked reads like Janet Evanovich morphing into Rachel Ray while filming a remake of the "Perils of Pauline'."

Grogan edited another award-winning book, "Cookbook Passion". His Hawaiian fantasy novel, about post-World War 2 and the battle of Tiki gods will be released this summer, 2023. "Atomic Dreams at the Red Tiki Lounge."

All his writing accomplishments were without a literary agent which he seeks to correct. Author Grogan seeks to expand his writing world-wide by gaining literary agent/publisher who sees the value in the literary product he produces, including foreign, film and television rights.

His 2021 historical novel, "Lafayette: Courtier to Crown Fugitive--1757-1777" deserves an English-European audience. Says Grogan: "This would be perfect to gain a French and/or English publisher. It takes a different view of the Hero of Two Worlds by showing the development of his obsessive ambition that drove him to abandon all to fight in the American colonies."

To be published on September 5, is his "Crimson Scimitar" --The Attack on America--Including the Official Proceedings of the Capture and Trial of Osama bin Laden This plot is a political-adventure-thriller of a 'what if' alternative history expertly tied into the real events of 2011 and the possible catastrophic after-effects. Grogan: "Crimson Scimitar deserves to reach into the Mideast with an Arabic translation. It is a combination of globe-trotting terrorist plots meets American reality television culture. It would work well as a 6 part television series."

He is currently working on a thriller manuscript, titled, "Murder Expo." --What would it be like if serial killers held their own convention?