Siobhian R. Hodges is a Young Adult fiction writer based in Leicestershire UK, author of the supernatural thriller Killing a Dead Man and upcoming anthology Untitled Decade.

She is now currently co-directing a music video for Killing a Dead Man. The song, “Witness”, is performed by singer-songwriter Beth Hartshorne. The project has been put on hold due to COVID-19, but filming will continue soon. You can follow any updates on the music video on her website or on her Instagram: siobhianr.hodgesauthor

Siobhian has recently written a short story about Jordan and Danny (the main characters from Killing a Dead Man) that will appear in her upcoming anthology, Untitled Decade (2021).

Siobhian has a BA in Creative Writing and Film Studies, and a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. During her studies, she wrote various short stories while working on her debut novel, Killing a Dead Man. She was also scriptwriter and script editor for Gatling Gun Productions (the non-for-profit film company she set up alongside her dad and sister in 2014). With her experience in and passion for film, Siobhian’s novels and short stories can often be described as cinematic.

Her debut novel, Killing a Dead Man, was published in October 2019. The book is available on Amazon as paperback and eBook here:

In her free time, Siobhian enjoys reading, long walks with her partner, and raiding the biscuit cupboard! Her favourite authors are Patrick Ness and Kevin Brooks – if you haven’t read their work, you definitely should!