Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I worked in the stockbroking industry then airline industry before travelling overseas. I worked in South Africa at the Elgin Fruit Packers Co-Op for eight months then moved on. Hitch hiking and using public transport I travelled through Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana before flying on to London.

I worked in London for twelve months as a sales representative for Schweppes - Pepsi Cola. I met my first wife, and we were married in England before travelling through Europe then returning to Australia.

I developed, owned and operated an interstate transport company for 25 years before selling out. I then worked for an international company as NSW State Manager for a decade. Resigning, when elected Mayor of Hornsby Shire in 2012. I did not re-contest in 2017.

​​​​​​​I've invested my time since in exploring my new interest in writing. I have self-published my first book; Don't Cry For me, Aunt Tina and received some very nice reviews.

I am almost finished my second manuscript; Night Train to Aswan and am working on; She'll be Right, Aunt Tina - The Sequel.