Stewart Carry

A retired teacher of English Language and Literature, I spent most of my life in Africa and the Far East, an experience that has left me with an unlimited resource of colourful material from which to draw inspiration.
Since 2017, I have completed ten features that include period, comedy, supernatural and contemporary dramas; a pilot and ten-part comedy series; a six-part sitcom and a mini-series for television. I feel privileged to have received some very good reviews and been awarded various credits for a significant number of festival and competition entries in 2020/21.
Most of my scripts could be described as intimate and character-driven with a lot of focus on why people behave the way they do and the consequences of our behaviour; often the result of putting immediate needs before common sense and good judgement.
I love to write tales that are simple but convey personal yet universal themes. Generally low budget in the vein of 'Dating Amber' and others, they focus on the intricacy of human relationships and the conflicts that arise from the webs we weave in our daily lives.
Without intending to sound too dramatic, every story and every character leaves a footprint that is identifiably mine. At least to me. Perhaps by natural default, everything I write feels remarkably familiar, frequently reinforcing the emotional attachment I have for my past and the land of my birth.
In a proverbial nutshell, writing is my comfort zone and personal universe. My private space. It enables me to be myself, to resurrect the memories of those long gone, and be whatever, wherever and whoever I choose to be.
Like most writers, my ultimate goal is to garner a reaction; to hold a hand or even touch a heart. To hold the dreaded 'mirror up to nature', gather these threads together and bring them to life on the big screen.
I am married and currently live in the UK with Tess and our French Bulldog, Molly.