Susan Almond

For my first book I've used the name Susan Almond, my maiden name, but as a writer I have had various incarnations. As Sue Marsh, my first married name, I was a commissioned writer for "Jackie" and "Patches" for a few years in the late 80's, also having short pieces - fiction and nonfiction - accepted for various other publications including "Woman's Realm" "The Scotsman" and "Seventeen".

As Sue Gordon (my current married name) I've written about 30 plays and musicals, mostly comedies for kids but also some for adults. These are published on a website called "Lazy Bee Scripts" and I get royalties each month from them for performances all over the world (or did until the pandemic!) In 2005, when I sent them my first manuscript, my husband said "You'll be lucky to see a fiver from that" but my total royalties to date are over £30,000, so that phrase has become a running joke!

Had to give up teaching for a while last October due to various complications related to Covid, and decided to see if I could write a book. "Ladies in Red" is the result. I think it would make a great film.