Tee O’Neill has lived a big, bold life, but even so, it pales in comparison to that of her stories, which have been performed everywhere from Ireland to Indonesia. Tee’s insightful biodramas of high-profile figures, and off-beat plays tackling difficult topics, have been lauded and awarded. But her favourite acknowledgement to date would have to be found in the words of one critic, who, after watching her play about the plight of sex workers suggested she immediately see a psychiatrist. Tee took her words to heart and married one instead. A high school dropout, Tee eventually returned to traditional learning to complete a PHD, lecture on the art of writing, and rediscover her love of studying and teaching. She also shifted from the bright lights of stage writing to the twists and turns of the suspense novel; her hero, Tilda Ransome a crime-solving playwright who hunts down bad guys while navigating the ups and downs of life as an artist and the greatest evil antagonist of all—modern dating. When O’Neill isn’t writing or supporting her students from all world on her online courses, she’s bounding around her farm in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia, slavishly attending to seven equine therapy horses, five rescue steers, two curly coated retrievers and when time permits, one very patient husband.Tee O’Neill is one of the most exciting writers around. David Williamson AO (The Year of Living Dangerously)