Tina mitchell

I have recently self published my first book called ‘mum got sick’. It’s partly true fact and fiction and it’s about cancer. Sadly my sister died in 2020 off cancer and the books for children were extremely harsh and damaging I felt. So I have wrote a story explaining death in a beautiful way. The book is also educational for parents and the children or child. Hopefully I will have the funds to write a second book which focuses more on the main character Lucy. In my second book Lucy will become a rebellious, lying and hateful girl while her mum has her cancer treatment and Lucy’s father turns to drink to cope. In my second book Lucy’s mum will die and this is when the real trouble starts. With the second book I have several endings to the second book.This book is not my story but could be someone else’s.

About me I struggle at school so I was the classroom clown because I couldn’t hardly read, write or understand. I think if dyslexia was made more aware I probably would have be diagnosed with it, Thank god now for spell check.