I have been a practising psychotherapist for over 15 years, specialising in trauma, emotional disorders, psychosis, suicide and self-harm. That experience has informed my portrayal of authentic depictions of lived experiences with mental illness in fiction. I have had short stories published in anthologies and have also self-published work. The dominant theme of this collection relies on stories that draw from mental health, youth culture, crime, history, and everyday experience. My childhood and travelling also often inspire the background of my fiction. The Other Side of Snow, begun while completing an MFA in Creative Writing at Kingston University, is my first novel. Besides my work experience, I have a PhD (Mental Health) from the University of York, an MSc (Psychiatry) from Kings College London and an MSc (Psychology) from the University of Oxford. I have three adult children and live in Oxfordshire with my husband. I am currently researching my second novel.